BCon Conference interviews with Content Marketing Institute, Nielsen & GE

In this episode we have some great content lined up. I recently attended the B.Con (Branded Content) conference by Strategy in Toronto and met with the leaders of the content industry today. with hundreds of conversations during the show its sometimes hard to remember people but i wanted to send out a special shout out to the ladies at lunch and hope they are listening to this episode.

In today’s episode speak with three influences who in their own way are leading content within their industry.

I first speak to Robert Rose, keynote speaker at the conference about his ideology and insights. I then speak with Harry Brisson from Nielsens Media Lab. In the end you will listen to my interview with Katrina Craigwell, Director Global Innovation at GE Digital.

Throughout all these conversations there is one thing that resonated clearly and that is the need of branded content within any industry that you play in. Content today, as every presentation resonated, had moved from being a one off event to being a constantly updating aspect of brands. The example of L’Oreal Canada was just one of the exemplary sessions that spoke about how they have changed the way they generate content though a new revolutionary and agile model.

So without any further ado,lets listen to my conversations at the conference.


Disruption & Conversations took Over at the NCFA Conference in Toronto

The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada Conference a few weeks ago in Toronto was a hit. I met with Crowdfunding fanatics, experts and people who are a big part of the industry. Overall, a very well put together event, the biggest takeaway was the quality of sessions and conversations. From Venture funds to Angels to Crowdfunding platforms, the conference was definitely a highlight of the Canadian Crowdfunding Industry in 2016.

I met with a number of people at the event and has the pleasure of having in depth conversations with three disruptors in the industry. I first spoke with Arti Modi, CEO and Co-Founder of LendingArch, a Calgary based financing platform. Arti share some key insights about how the industry is being affected by Millennials as an example and what their company is doing differently that taps into an underserved market. More details on LendingArch at www.lendingarch.com

I also spoke with Founders of Canadas Only Luxury Electric Sports Vehicle, a huge disruptor that is taking the route of Equity Crowdfunding to raise over $25 Million. Both Mike and Mario shared their insights into the automobile industry with a touch on technology and crowdfunding and why their choices of taking the equity crowdfunding route was the best decision they could make. More details on this revolutionary global phenomenon with its home right here in Canada at www.dubucmotors.com

Lastly I spoke with Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Founder & CEO of FrontFundr, a Vancouver based Crowdfunding platform that launched a new offering during the Conference. Peter provided his insights about new regulations, traditional funding methods and how the process of raising capital has changed to Crowdfunding. More details on www.frontfundr.com


To Legacy Computing with Love – Saying the Final Farewell in the Cloud Is Never Easy

Cloud computing can get confusing sometimes. For IT professionals who have been part of technology for the last years, sometimes new terminology is just a way to redefine things that were done in the past. “We’ve done that since 1995,” or “We used to do that in the ’80s,” is not an uncommon response that we sometimes hear when we speak about new things. Cloud computing is one such area that has its roots in the 1970s when the Remote Job Entry system did somewhat of what today’s cloud computing technology does, but at a very small, miniature scale. Today I wanted to simplify cloud computing the example of a legacy technology that we have come across at some stage or the other. It’s an older legacy technology that actually may have paved way for the technology revolution today. (more…)

Is Crowdfunding Turning Contagious?

Innovation Times
With so much innovation going on around us, funding the cause is one of the top priorities of any entrepreneur. With popular crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and many others, entrepreneurs, inventors, designers and fanatical believers of their products have created a new niche of raising funds to make their dreams a reality. As opposed to traditional financing and even newer financial models that include Venture capital, this is the world of crowdfunding.


Bootlegging, Piracy and the Modern Workforce Have Things in Common

No seriously, I mean it. There are serious correlations and similarities between smuggling alcohol, piracy in any form — whether it is the real life bad guys on ghost ships in the seas or digital pirates who download stuff off the internet thinking it’s all free while some artist starves to death — or for that matter, an enterprise user. Quite specifically a certain type of workplace employee. The ones that love free applications and start using it, well and not just use them but spread it to the entire department or company. (more…)

3 Essential steps to Generate Pandemic SaaS Sales-Part 1

Selling is a professional that that you can never take lightly. To be successful at marketing and selling something you have got to be the best, on top of your game, ahead of the competition and ready to do what nobody else dares to do. The world of SaaS sales is no different. Competition can be cut throat, with every next company offering the best shiniest object that can help you cure your worst nightmares and keep your numbers and yes the boss happy. That’s far too easy ! (more…)

The Six Must Have Essentials for Building High Performance Teams

Successful teams are what makes organizations succeed. It could be a project team, a sales team, a marketing team, or a myriad of other types of teams. The point is, if your organization has teams that are successful, result oriented, and cohesive, you are on the way to success. A challenge, in the first place however,is to build that high performance dependable team. Here are six essentials of ensuring that your teams are the best that can be ! (more…)